All heating and cooling systems should be serviced every year by a heating and cooling professional.

For furnaces, your service technician should:

- Check for leaks, soot, rust, corroded electrical contacts and frayed wires.
- Perform any necessary cleaning, including the burner and heat exchanger.
- Inspect the venting system and verify that it is operating properly.

For heat pumps and air conditioners, your technician should:

- Inspect all electrical connections.
- Check the operation of the compressor and outdoor fan motor.
- Inspect the indoor evaporator coil for cleanliness and clean if necessary.
- Inspect the furnace or air handler blower assembly for proper operation and cleanliness.

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Check the refrigerant level in the system.

If the air conditioning or heat pump refrigerant level is low, a proper leak check should be performed, and the leak should be repaired or the leaking component should be replaced.